Transfer a domain name

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Transfer a domain name

You can transfer a domain name registered in another registrar into HydraDNS.


Notes for Domain Transfer

If you want to request for domain transfer, you need to check first if the domain name is available to be transferred. 
> See Check List for Domain Transfer

For domain transfer, the domain name’s expiry date is renewed to “current expiry date + 1 year”.
※ Domain Transfer fee includes both transfer fee and renewal fee.

It may take up to 7 days until the domain transfer is completely progressed, and can check the transfer status on [Dashboard>My Service] page.

Domain transfer fee is varied for TLDs.
> See Transfer Fees for each TLD

Request for Domain Transfer

1)Sign in to HydraDNS account.

2)Search a domain name you want to transfer (in) on [Domain] > [Transfer Domain Name] page.

3)If the search result is ‘Available’ for Registration, click [Add] button to add the domain name into your Wish List and then click [Go to Shopping Cart] button.

4)Enter the authorization code for the domain name, and progress the payment process in shopping cart page (You can request the domain authorization code to the current domain owner, and the current owner can request the code to the current registrar).

Transfer Failed

If domain transfer is failed and it’s not one of the cases in Transfer Check List, it might be caused by followings:

Incorrect domain authorization code has entered in the domain transfer process

The expiry date of .한국, .KR(.CO.KR, .OR.KR, .PE.KR) domain name has been passed for more than 8 days, or the duration of registration is left more than 9 years.

If there’s other problem, you can check the detailed problem or failure cause by clicking My Service -> Settings -> Details.

Domain Transfer can be cancelled in case of code error or failed status only.

In case of domain transfer cancelled, the paid amount will be automatically returned into your HydraDNS account in coins.